&D Ability

      Aomya based on the business philosophy of taking quality as the first priority, from research and development to production and testing,follows the ISO 9001: 20000 quality control system flow path to ensure the quality of the product is stable and consistent.
Aomya sustaine investment in R&D certer over 10 years, all printing ink are manufactured in the 100,1000 clean
workshop environment, products undergo nanoscale cartridge filter, while the lab is equipped with industry-leading laboratory instrument. 
Aomya owns more than 1500 sets of all kinds of wide-formatprinters and photo machines & plotters, rigorous testing and inspection to ensure high quality for each ink produced from Aomya.

physicochemical test room 1

Testing centre 

physicochemical test room 2

R&D Team

physicochemical test room 3

Show Room